Citations & Towing

We have recently transitioned to a new citation processing system.

 “Parking Revenue Recovery Services, Parking Notice” (All other cities) 
pay by phone 1-888-756-7275 or pay online at: 

To Appeal a PRRS Notice:

      • email disputed parking notices to:
      • The phone number to call in and dispute is #877-302-7275 (please leave a message and allow 24 hours for a reply). To fax in a dispute: #303-733-9802

TEXT2PARK Citations (Tulsa, OK) – The QR code is at the bottom of each citation that guests can take a picture of and it takes them right to the site to pay. There is also a website to pay:   – To appeal a notice you need to email the General Manager in Tulsa OK. Information is listed under Contact Us – Tulsa.


United Tows LLC
(214) 309 – 9100

*note that we almost never tow unless the vehicle has multiple unpaid tickets or blocked an entrance/exit.