Text2Park Information



Guests arrive and text “25023” with the designated lot-specific Parker Code (located on the sign)

Important: Do NOT put a space between the work “Lot” and the #.

Location Name P-Code City
Lot 1811 – 1811 Guadalupe (T2P/P2P) LOT1811 Austin
M-Line Tower (T2P) MLINE Austin
Music Lane MUSICLANE Austin
The Lorenzo (T2P) HOTEL Dallas
Lot 106-1719 S Lamar (T2P) LOT106 Dallas
Lot 109 LOT109 Dallas
Lot 26 – 2110 Main St LOT26 Dallas
Lot 401-801 Exposition Ave (T2P) LOT401 Dallas
Lot 55 LOT55 Dallas
Lot 6 LOT6 Dallas
Lot 70 LOT70 Dallas
Lot 74 LOT74 Dallas
Lot 75 LOT75 Dallas
Lot 76 LOT76 Dallas
Lot 301-201 E Main St (P2P) HMJX9Q El Paso
Lot 302-201 E Main St (P2P) U9TEL5 El Paso
Lot 303-222 N Kansas St (P2P) CPNWAC El Paso
Lot 304-401 N Mesa St (T2P/P2P) LOT304 El Paso
Lot 305-415 N Mesa St (P2P) JHUYYA El Paso
Lot 307-608 and 630 S Santa Fe St #3 (P2P) S75RQK El Paso
Lot 308-3003 N Mesa St- UTEP (P2P) Q5R7B6 El Paso
Lot 309-801 E Overland Ave (P2P) SXDULS El Paso
Lot 312-1000 S Stanton St-Silvas Lot (P2P) SNFFKM El Paso
Lot 516-306 S Mesa St-System Lot (P2P) NE6LGJ El Paso
Lot 6005-214 N Mesa St- Mesa Lot (P2P) JNRLWM El Paso
Lot 6007-222 S Oregon-Oregon Lot (P2P) GLUFL8 El Paso
Lot 6008-418 E Overland Ave-Overland Lot (P2P) L7U99C El Paso
Lot 6009-217 N Kansas St (P2P) 52XEWJ El Paso
Lot 6026-Plaza Garage (north surface lot) LOT6026 El Paso
Lot 6028-Franklin Lot LOT6028 El Paso
Lot 6056-901 E Overland Ave (P2P) Y6TFBA El Paso
Lot 6059-1000 E San Antonio Ave (P2P) LM9LWC El Paso
Lot 6107-700 Texas St (P2P) E4B5FG El Paso
Lot 6107-700 Texas St (P2P) – Reserve Spaces HPS2L4 El Paso
Lot 6118-800 S Mesa St-Joe Lot (P2P) 4STEBS El Paso
Lot 6201-800 Magoffin Ave (P2P) TTM3MD El Paso
Lot 6206-310 S. Stanton St-Regis Lot (P2P) 45J468 El Paso
Lot 6901-419 E Overland Ave-Andreas Lot (P2P) KWFJ96 El Paso
Lot 6902-701 E Myrtle-Ochoa Lot (P2P) F6QA8X El Paso
Lot 6904-920 S Mesa St-Santa Fe Lot 1 (P2P) 58DK88 El Paso
Lot 6905-700 W San Francisco-Railroad Lot (P2P) 8HPLNR El Paso
Lot 6906-904 S Mesa St-Silvas Lot (P2P) B6HL84 El Paso
Lot 6907-360 S Santa Fe St Lot #2 (P2P) D344ST El Paso
Lot 6908 – 401 S Santa Fe LOT6908 El Paso
Lot 501-120 W San Antonio Garage – Level 1 (P2P) 7TRDNA El Paso
Lot 501-120 W San Antonio Garage – Level 2 (P2P) ZAN3NY El Paso
Lot 501-120 W San Antonio Garage – Level 3 (P2P) NQK547 El Paso
Lot 6909 – 120 E Paisano LOT6909 El Paso
Fort Worth Office LOT901A Fort Worth
FW 929 B LOT929B Fort Worth
Lot 700-700 Magnolia LOT700 Fort Worth
Lot 701-701 Magnolia LOT701 Fort Worth
Lot 900-900 S. 1st Street (Wellington Parking Enterprises) LOT900 Fort Worth
Lot 901-901 Houston Lower LOT901 Fort Worth
Lot 902-902 Convention Center LOT902 Fort Worth
Lot 903-Lola’s Saloon LOT903 Fort Worth
Lot 904-904 Pennsylvania LOT904 Fort Worth
Lot 909-Marine Creek LOT909 Fort Worth
Lot 924-924 Coliseum LOT924 Fort Worth
Lot 925-Alley LOT925 Fort Worth
Lot 929- Kerby LOT929 Fort Worth
Lot 930-Rodeo Exchange LOT930 Fort Worth
Lot 935-935 Convention Center LOT935 Fort Worth
Lot 936-936 Convention Center LOT936 Fort Worth
Lot 937-Horseshoe Hill LOT937 Fort Worth
Lot 941-941 Cass LOT941 Fort Worth
Lot 942-942 Harold LOT942 Fort Worth
Lot 943-John LOT943 Fort Worth
Lot 945-945 Taylor LOT945 Fort Worth
Lot 952-Mudaliar LOT952 Fort Worth
Lot 953-Goodwin LOT953 Fort Worth
Lot 954-Sam’s Saloon LOT954 Fort Worth
Lot 955-Kidwill (T2P) LOT955 Fort Worth
Lot 96 LOT96 Fort Worth
Lot 995-Leddy’s Lower LOT995 Fort Worth
Lot 996- Leddy’s Upper LOT996 Fort Worth
Panther Island Pavilion PANTHER Fort Worth
Lot 1530 (T2P) LOT1530 Houston
New Lot 1527 LOT1525 Houston
Little Elm – Boat Elm BOATELM Little Elm
Little Elm – Daily Elm DAILYELM Little Elm
Lowest Greenville:1901 Greenville LG10 (T2P) LG10PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:1919-1927 Greenville LG9 (T2P) LG9PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:2023 Greenville LG6 (T2P) LG6PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5420 Lewis LG17 (T2P) LG17PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5424 Lewis LG16 (T2P) LG16PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5512 Lewis LG15 (T2P) LG15PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5601-5605 Alta LG5 (T2P) LG5PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5602-5606 Sears LG3 (T2P) LG3PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5610 Bell LG7 (T2P) LG7PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5610-5618 Sears LG2 (T2P) LG2PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5611 Alta LG4 (T2P) LG4PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5611 Bell LG18 (T2P) LG18PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5623 Sears LG1 (T2P) LG1PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5627-5631 Alta LG19 (T2P) LG19PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5628 Sears LG8 (T2P) LG8PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5710 Oram LG14 (T2P) LG14PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5710-5714 Bell LG11 (T2P) LG11PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5715-5719 Prospect LG12 (T2P) LG12PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5716-5724 Prospect LG13 (T2P) LG13PARKS Lower Greenville
Lowest Greenville:5740 Prospect LG20 (T2P) LG20PARKS Lower Greenville
Lot 1705 LOT1705 San Antonio
Lot 1712 LOT1712 San Antonio
Lot 807 – TPAC S. 3D LOT807 Tulsa
Lot 809 – Avis 6D LOT809 Tulsa
Lot 811 – TPAC 3C LOT811 Tulsa
Lot 817-637 E Archer Street (T2P/P2P) LOT817 Tulsa
Lot 818 – 624 E Archer LOT818 Tulsa