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Rates are priced for Weekdays / 6am to 6pm ONLY.

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Lot Description Monthly Amount
2 609 Elm St (Passport: Zone 4911) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $300.00
5 1001 Hall St. (Passport: Zone 4913) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $21.00
10 2201 Main - Surface (Passport: Zone 4916) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $70.00
14 1310 Patterson (Passport: Zone 4919) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $100 LIMITED PARKING
16 711 Elm Street - Garage (Passport: Zone 4920) (Covered) (Monthly Parking) $40.00 (no weekends / 6am to 6pm ONLY) (email for access code with proof of purchase) ****Starting December 1st, 2021, all PAID permit holders will need to show the parking attendant a valid receipt. The attendant will then provide a hang tag for that month. A new hang tag will be given EACH month upon payment. This decal will reduce the number of times a permit holder is stopped at the garage to verify permit validity.
18 309-317 S. Ervay (Passport: Zone 4921) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $160.00
20 2101 Main St (Passport: Zone 4922) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $120.00
21 2210-2218 Elm St. (Passport: Zone 4923) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $100.00
23 2306 Pacific Ave. (Passport: Zone 4924) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $70.00
26 2110 Main St. (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $120.00
31 2900 Canton Street | INDIE Parking Garage | Deep Ellum | App Access (Covered) (Monthly Parking) $60.00 - NON-Reserved, First come, First Serve Parking (email: your confirmation, name, and cell phone# to obtain access info)
33 3300 Commerce St. (Honk Mobile Only) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $20.00 (24/7 Monthly Parking)
72 First Presbyterian Garage - 1835 Young St. - PARKING RESUMES 06/01/2020 (Covered) (Monthly Parking) $60 (6am to 6pm, 5th - 7th floor ONLY, Non-Reserved, Drive with Caution) NOTE - all monthlies exit through the garage only and not through the church.
73 1720 Young Street (Passport: Zone 4948) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $100
74 2602 Floyd Street, (Passport: Zone, 4878) (TEXT2PARK Location) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $21.00
75 2525 Pacific Ave. (Gaston Ave.) (TEXT2PARK Location) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $60 (Strict 6am to 6pm ONLY)
76 2605 Floyd Street (Passport: Zone, 4879) (TEXT2PARK Location) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $21.00
77 811 South Akard (Passport: Zone 4949) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $50.00
81 702 South Ervay (Passport: Zone 4950) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $60.00
95 807 Browder St. (Passport: Zone 4953) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $50.00
96 2906 Maple Avenue (TEXT2PARK Location) (Covered) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $42.00
97 1706 Wood St. (Passport: Zone 4954) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $120.00
99 1935 Hi Line Dr (Passport Zone: 4975) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $90.00
113 1418 South Akard Street (TEXT2PARK Location) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) TBD
440 5415 East Grand Ave. (Passport Zone: 4967) (Surface) (Monthly and Daily Parking) $25.00